Are you superstitious or are you afraid of ghosts? Hey, ask any Jamaican person they’ll tell you that ghosts are one of the many things that scared them as a child is because growing up in Jamaica you hear many stories of people who said they saw ghosts.  You see many people saying the same thing and because you’re usually you and ignorant you start becoming afraid of them. Imagine walking on the road at night with no street lights just you the road the bushes and pure darkness there may be a streetlight every half-mile or so between the streetlights you’re running through the darkness running looking around scared thinking maybe this is the time the ghost is going to come and get you and you’re wondering what will I do?

This is the life of someone who lives in the rural area Jamaica and is one suspicious of ghosts some my favorite stories are people who would be walking past cemeteries and would get scared because they thought they saw ghost it would be like paranormal activity but in real life, there are some really good stories of friends and even strangers who said they were walking past the cemetery and they saw ghosts playing around. These stories are so popular in Jamaica that the people you have a special name for ghosts that is duppy.

Now what is a duppy? A duppy is basically a ghosts that has the form of a human being or animal and you think you see at night generally people see them and cemeteries or bushes at night it gets to the point where some people are so scared of duppies that they refuse to go out at night because they think that they will see the ghosts and then lots of problems.

The problem with passing the cemetery is the fact that usually your past and cemetery with no gates and no walls in the dark usually unknown in a rural area with not a lot of houses and peoples imagination start to run while and they start remembering the stories of how their friends were chased by the close and the fact that they had heard many stories of people who had encounters and then lived to tell about it and they start running start running for the last because they realize that ghosts are very scary and if you let a ghosts catch you,  you never know what’s going happen welcome to the world of the Jamaican person living in the rural area who thinks that ghosts would get them. To get more cool or interesting stories that this about Jamaican culture please visit grown-up Jamaican.com for Jamaican patwa.

How To Talk Jamaican Patwa

How to talk Patwa

Jamaican patwa is an interesting language because it happens to not be a language at all. There are not many guides that teach you how to talk patwa . Here we will talk about what you can do to learn patwa for free and it will be a good experience for you. To learn Jamaican patwa you need to have an understanding of where it comes from and what influences it.

With that in mind here is how you will learn patwa. You should go to the website and watch a few of the beginning videos on patwa. It is very informative and it will teach you basic words that will help you speak the language.  Before you start to learn patwa you must have someone whom you can practice with because if you learn patwa without speaking it with someone else it becomes relatively useless to you unless you are learning in order to know what your favorite reggae singer is saying.

Here are some quick words for how to talk patwa

Wah Gwan – Whats going on

Weh u deh – Where are you?

Wha apm – What happened?

Weh u name – What is your name?

This was just a simple example of how to talk patwa. If you would like to learn more about patwa then  please get get the patwa course on how to talk patwa